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The Zamorakian sharpshooter is a ranged-based monster fighting on the side of Zamorak in the Battle of Lumbridge. They drop Divine tears. They can only be attacked by players who have sided with Saradomin.

At random times during the battle, four Zamorakian sharpshooters will appear at once, and an announcement is made when they do. After spawning, they will use Binding Shot against five Saradominist forces, which stuns and deals large damage (800+). They can be killed to prevent this from happening. Unlike other Zamorakian forces, these monsters are aggressive to players aligned with Saradomin, though they only hit them once with Binding Shot to stun them before moving on to another Saradominist unit or player. They only continue fighting if they are attacked. Using Anticipation as soon as they spawn can reduce the chances of being stunned, and Freedom may be used to regain mobility if they do stun the player.

They give double experience per kill.


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Divine tearsDivine tears1–5AlwaysNot sold
Sacred metal fragmentsSacred metal fragments1–10CommonNot sold
Smite (Tier 0)Smite (Tier 0)1RareNot sold
Divine Fury (Tier 0)Divine Fury (Tier 0)1RareNot sold
Divine Inspiration (Tier 0)Divine Inspiration (Tier 0)1RareNot sold
Guardian Angel (Tier 0)Guardian Angel (Tier 0)1RareNot sold
Icyenic greathammer headIcyenic greathammer head1RareNot sold
Icyenic orbIcyenic orb1RareNot sold
Icyenic bowstaffIcyenic bowstaff1RareNot sold

In addition, this monster has a very rare chance to drop "the Virtuous", "the Boundless" and "the Eternal" titles.

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