Zamorakian token is a term that can refer to pocket slot items received from the Battle of Lumbridge world event. The token of the opposing side is the Saradominist token.

When lost during the Battle, it could be reclaimed from the Recruitment Officer. After the battle, the tokens could no longer be reclaimed, until the update of 13 November 2013. The token can now be reclaimed by talking to the Saradominist preacher behind Lumbridge Castle.

The token has a teleport option that allows the player to teleport to the center of the Lumbridge crater for free, 10 times per day. This teleport is a popular choice in PvP for a number of reasons:

  • The teleport will work up to level 30 Wilderness.
  • The token is lost on death, but can be reclaimed for free.
  • The pocket slot is often unused in PvP, making it an efficient slot for a teleport item.
  • It's possible to put the token on your actionbar and bind a key to it. Since the teleport option is the first option on the token, pressing the key will activate it without any delay.

The combination of these properties make the token very valuable in PvP. It is commonly used as a 'panic button' to get out of messy situations.

Icon Type Total
Bronze Zamorakian token Bronze Zamorakian token 0
Silver Zamorakian token Silver Zamorakian token 1,000
Gold Zamorakian token Gold Zamorakian token 3,000
Runite Zamorakian token Runite Zamorakian token 6,000
Dragon Zamorakian token Dragon Zamorakian token 10,500


  • Previously it teleported to the now removed Zamorakian camp at the Lumbridge crater.
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