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The Kingdom of Zanaris is a strange plane rumoured to be the nexus of all planes.[1] It is inhabited by small winged creatures known as fairies, and according to the Guthixian Memories, it was in Zanaris where Guthix saw Gielinor for the first time. The normal laws of physics and logic do not apply on Zanaris; for instance, animals can talk and plants require no nutrients or sunlight to grow, and emit a faint glow.[2] Being described as an 'intersection of worlds', Zanaris is the epicentre whence the weather and seasons of Gielinor are governed by the fairies. The realm is apparently located on Gielinor's moon.

According to the co-ordinator, Zanaris is 'an extremely old place, it was here long before we fairyfolk came to live here' with many dormant magical properties, such as those of 'the ability to jump between planes using a powerful portal' that had been sealed for centuries, but the Fairy Queen harnessed the magic and used it to create the network of fairy rings, though not as powerful as the portal, the World Gate, would have been.[3] This property of being a nexus of planes places it under threat from other realms. Recently, it was invaded by orks from Orks Rift but not without help of the malicious Fairy Mafia. Conversely, Zanaris is famous for its market, where various items from other worlds are sold, an example being a selection of dragon weapons from Freneskae supplied by the Consortium of Extra-Planar Merchandise Transferral Specialists.

Access to Zanaris is granted after the Lost City quest has been completed. It is therefore only accessible by members.


From left to right, Gielinor and its moon; the latter harbours Zanaris.


Players initially access Zanaris by wielding a Dramen staff or Lunar staff and entering the small hut in Lumbridge Swamps to the east of the Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon entrance.

While doing the quest Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen, they will be able to use the fairy rings as a travel method, provided that they wield a Dramen or Lunar staff.

Upon completing the quest Fairy Tale III - Orks Rift, the staff requirement is lifted.

It can also be accessed by travelling to the Cosmic Altar via the Abyss, by teleportation tablet, with a wicked hood imbued with a cosmic talisman or by using a Portable fairy ring.


The Lost City quest is required to access Zanaris. The quests Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains, Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen and Fairy Tale III - Orks Rift also involve Zanaris.

Notable features


Sometimes players will turn into chickens or pigs. A frog will appear and have a small conversation with the player, a Zanaris choir will appear and comment on whatever the player is doing (e.g. when the player is fighting, the Zanaris choir will ask why you resort to violence so often), players will dance and they say, "All of a sudden I have an overwhelming urge to dance!", or a thunder cloud will appear above the player. All of these examples are involuntary and only occur in Zanaris.

A fairy banker.


North of the bank is a fairy healer, named Fairy Nuff (a pun on "Fair enough"). She will heal you if you give her gemstones. The rarer the stone the more she will heal you. She will not heal you when she is in the Fairy Resistance Hideout or after Fairy Tale III quest

Fairy rings

The main fairy ring is located south of the water fountains, and west of the farm field. Entering any other fairy ring in RuneScape brings a player here. Activating the ring while carrying a Dramen staff or lunar staff will open a combination window to enter a code to go to other fairy rings elsewhere in RuneScape.

The other two original fairy rings in Zanaris are exit rings only:


Zanaris bank.png

There is a bank in Zanaris, just north of the general store.

General Store

There is a general Store in Zanaris, located near the bank. It is run by the Fairy shopkeeper and assisted by the Fairy shop assistant. It sells the normal stock of a general store.

Market area

The doors to the marketplace.

The market area lies to the east of Zanaris and costs 1 cut diamond to access unless players have completed Fairy Tale III after which it is free.

Jukat sells dragon daggers for 30,000 coins, and dragon longswords for 100,000 coins, although buying them from the Grand Exchange is much cheaper.

The ruby ring trader Irksol has up to 10 ruby rings in stock, and is located near the gem icon to the north.

Lunderwin will pay 100 coins for each un-noted cabbage. Sacks of cabbages cannot be brought into the market place.

There are two yew trees for woodcutters.

Finally, the exit from the market is to the northeast of the market area; there is a fairy ring that leads to behind Al Kharid's bank.

Cosmic altar

The Cosmic Altar.

Main article: Cosmic altar

The Cosmic Altar lies to the south of Zanaris. There are two Agility shortcuts that allow faster access, one requiring 46 agility for the medium shortcut, and 66 agility for the advanced shortcut.


Near the wheat field inside the city are several talking cows that are reasonably close to the bank. These may be useful for Crafting. South-west of the field are three talking sheep. They can be sheared by right-clicking on them and selecting 'Shear Sheep', producing wool.

There is also a sandpit, which is used in glassblowing. If players have Seaweed, there is a Range to the south and a furnace to the north that may be useful for making molten glass at the same time as collecting sand.


A cow-powered mill in Zanaris.

There is a grain field and a nearby windmill, so flour is easy to make here. There are also several fountains for collection of water, though these are by no means the closest water sources to a bank in the game. There is also a cooking range to the south of the bank, near which a chocolate bar can be found.

Among the cows near the wheat field is a dairy cow, and in the mill there is a dairy churn. Combine that with the bucket spawn near the mill and the nearby bank, and all the requirements for making butter, cream and cheese are present.


Chaeldar is the fourth hardest Slayer master, and requires a minimum combat level of 75 to begin assigning tasks to players. She gives out a lot of metal dragons, but otherwise her tasks can be very rewarding.

Otherworldly beings in Zanaris.

Evil Chicken's Lair

By 'sacrificing' a raw chicken at the shrine of the Evil Chicken near the original entrance from Lumbridge Swamp's shed, players are transported to the Evil Chicken's Lair. The lair houses 4 black dragons and a baby black dragon, as well as the Evil Chicken itself.

Impetuous Impulses

Impetuous Impulses is a minigame in which players catch implings in the realm of Puro-Puro, which can be accessed via the crop circle in the centre of the wheat field. A Wandering impling flitters about nearby to provide a brief introduction to the minigame.

Other features

A fairy's house.

  • There is a yew tree to the north-west of the wheat field.
  • There is a furnace, but its distance from the bank makes it of little use for anything except possibly glass-making, making use of the nearby sandpit.
  • Near the Cosmic altar in the Shady grove you can gain access to Tanglefoot creatures seen in the Fairy Tale Part I - Growing Pains quest, as well as Mutated zygomites.
  • Various monsters and NPCs may follow players to Zanaris when they are using the fairy rings.
  • Sparse Plane, doesn't appear on the map of Zanaris, but is part of it. It can be accessed with fairy rings.
  • Fairy Resistance Hideout, doesn't appear on the map of Zanaris, but is part of it. It can be accessed with fairy rings.



Graphical update

Zanaris has had three major graphical updates. The realm was first updated in 2006; before this, it was a simply a cave underground. It was then updated to have a bluish appearance. On 13 May 2010, Zanaris was upgraded to its current appearance.

Jagex had announced prior to the current graphical update in a series of blogs that they would once again be updating the appearance of Zanaris. The first blog was released on 17 April 2009.

The fairies were also graphically updated along with the Zanaris improvement on 13 May.

A leak of the remodelled Zanaris seen in Mod Fetzki's video.

A short clip of Zanaris could be seen in the Mod Fetzki: iCould video at approximately 00:43 seconds in before May the thirteenth.


Music unlocked


  • None of the trees in Zanaris have been graphically updated.
  • When talking to the cows, the dialogue box does not use the graphical update. The animations are still choppy and pixelated.
  • If a player attempts to talk to one of the Zanaris frogs, they will get the text "Nothing interesting happens". This is probably an oversight on Jagex's behalf, as they probably used the code from the frog random event, where the frogs could be talked to. This frog simply does not have anything programmed for it to say, so it goes to the default error trap: "Nothing interesting happens".
  • According to Sliske during Missing, Presumed Death, Zanaris would soon cause a total eclipse on Gielinor. The eclipse takes place during Sliske's Endgame.

Zanaris random events gallery


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