Zandar Horfyre chathead

Zandar Horfyre is a dark wizard found on the top floor of Dark Wizards' Tower. He is also involved with Fairy Tale Part I. If a player selects the "No, I think I'll stay a while." option when talking to him, he will teleport the player to Lumbridge Swamps near the Zanaris hut, and the player's character will say "Zamorak curse that mage! I guess he already has!". This is one of the faster and free ways to get to the Zanaris hut, albeit it isn't widely known.

Horfyre is known to certain Fairies of Zanaris, such as Fairy Nuff, whom he has great respect for, due to his owing her a great deal when she saved him from a mortal injury when he was investigating the nature of Otherworldly beings, who reveals that "he has spent many years studying magical illness". Horfyre is shocked when he discovers that the Fairy Queen is seriously ill, calling it 'grave news', and appears to possess some knowledge of Tanglefoots and Fairies, whom he says have essences of 'pure magic' and 'magic embodied'. Horfyre also knows of the necromancer Malignus Mortifier and his battle with a Tanglefoot many years ago.

He appears to be the "teacher" or master of all the Dark Wizards in the tower.


  • After "The Nexus" update, Zandar's teleport would land the player directly in the middle of the Nexus pit, between all the tentacles, an area they should not be able to get to. This has been fixed.
  • If you choose to say "Ok I was leaving anyway", he will respond by telling you to shut the door behind you, although there is no door anywhere in the tower.
  • Zandar Horfyre is wearing an old Ahrim's hood and wielding an old staff of air.
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