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Zarador, previously the Bandosian chief engineer, is a hulking ourg and was the right-hand man for Bandos during the war between Armadyl and Bandos. He acts as the general of Bandos' army, and directs troops and soldiers to battle. He is one of the four known ourgs in RuneScape, the others being General Graardor, Blorgak and Yokrad. After speaking with him, he reveals that he has lived on Gielinor for many years.

He features in The Mighty Fall, featuring as the arbiter of the Kyzaj Tournament on Yu'biusk, where he decides who will fight who. He also has the power to prevent the combatants from killing each other, and does so for both Bork, as he is one of the last orks and Zarador does not wish to see an ancient race wiped out, and General Graardor, as he is of the ourgs, another race close to extinction.


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Zarador speaks.
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