Zaryte bow detail

The Zaryte bow is dropped exclusively by Nex, the commanding officer of Zaros' army in the God Wars Dungeon. It requires two hands to wield and degrades over time, but it does not need ammunition, much like the Crystal bow.

It lasts for 10 hours of combat before degrading, and then may be repaired by Bob in Lumbridge or at a Player-owned-house armour stand. It should be noted that the bow does not degrade in increments, and its stats stay the same for the entire 10 hours. The bow will not degrade if it is simply worn. It must be used in combat in order for it to degrade.

In terms of speed, damage and accuracy, the Zaryte bow is identical to a Chaotic crossbow when used with Rune bolts. However, a shield may be used with the Chaotic crossbow, whereas it cannot with the Zaryte bow, bringing the usefulness of this bow into question for those who have a Chaotic crossbow unlocked. Generally, most people would prefer the Zaryte bow since you don't have to keep buying arrows. If you die with a crossbow, you lose all the money spent on bolts, but if Zaryte bow is one of the most expensive things in your inventory, then you don't lose money.

The Zaryte bow also has a lower ranged attack than the Magic longbow (sighted) but has +115 to ranged strength bonus while strength of other bows usually depends on the ammunition (max +60 with dragon or god arrows or +70 with a full Crystal bow). This makes the Zaryte bow the strongest and third slowest bow in the game (behind the Ogre bow and the Dark bow), but not the strongest ranged weapon as it is surpassed in strength by the hand cannon, several bolts and Morrigan's Equipment.

Wielding this bow or any piece of ancient armour will make all factions in the God Wars Dungeon unaggressive.

Combat Stats
Unknown edit
Unknown edit2h slot
Unknown edit
Range? (edit)
4 ticks (2.4s)
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses


  • In the Behind the Scenes article prior to the release of the Zaryte bow, it was claimed that the bow would be "as powerful as dragonstone-tipped rune bolts". However, upon release the bow only had the power of regular rune bolts (+115 ranged strength), rather than Dragon bolts which give a bonus of +117. The originally claimed power of the bow was additionally misleading in that the bow doesn't have the dragonfire special effect given by Dragon bolts.
  • A fully repaired Zaryte will last for exactly 60,000 game ticks worth of combat. Since the base speed of the bow is 4, it will get exactly 10,000 shots on accurate/longrange stance, or 12,000 attacks on rapid stance before degrading.
  • Zaryte Bow is currently the most expensive bow in runescape.
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