Zeal points are obtained as a reward after a Soul Wars game. The amount of points given depends on the game result (see table below). It's advised to use Zeal on high skills to get more experience per Zeal.

Points earned after a game
Victory Draw Defeat
3 Zeal 2 Zeal 1 Zeal
Soul wars xp rewards

Experience rewards window.

Soul wars charm rewards

Charm rewards window.

Soul wars other rewards

Other rewards window.


Main article: Soul Wars/Rewards

Nomad, or Zimberfizz after completing Nomad's Requiem, or Zimberfizz ashes or Zanik after completing Nomad's Elegy exchanges Zeal points into combat or Slayer experience, Summoning charms or slayer pets. Players may also gamble their points for a random item.

Experience rewards

One point can be exchanged for a set amount of experience. This is becoming a more common way to train combat, and even a way for skillers to level slayer. (Here "floor" means "round down to the nearest whole number"). There is also a 10% bonus of experience when you spend 100 Zeal at a time. The bonus is dependent on the base level that the experience was used during.

  • Attack, Strength, Defence and Constitution experience are counted with the following formula: $ \left\lfloor \frac{l^2}{600} \right\rfloor \times 525 $.
  • Magic and Ranged experience are counted with the following formula: $ \left\lfloor \frac{l^2}{600} \right\rfloor \times 480 $.
  • Prayer experience is counted with the following formula: $ \left\lfloor \frac{l^2}{600} \right\rfloor \times 270 $.

Note that the amount of experience gained at specific levels for slayer is under investigation at the moment; please see the Soul Wars talk page for more information or to contribute.

For calculators for the experience gained for zeal, see Soul Wars/Rewards#Calculators.

Charm rewards

Gold, green, crimson plus blue charms can be bought. A set of gold charms costs 4 Zeal points, green charms 5 points, crimson charms 12 points and blue charms 30 points. The number of charms received depends on the player's combat levels.

Other rewards

Other rewards include Slayer pets and an option to gamble for random items.


You will need a trophy dropped by a Slayer monster (stuffed or unstuffed) and a number of Zeal points respective to the monster's Slayer level.

Image Trophy Pet Zeal points
Creeping hand pet Crawling hand Creeping hand 5
Minitrice chathead Cockatrice head Minitrice 25
Baby basilisk pet Basilisk head Baby basilisk 40
Baby kurask chathead Kurask head Baby kurask 70
Abyssal minion chathead Abyssal demon head Abyssal minion 85
TzRek-Jad chathead Fire cape TzRek-Jad 100

You will not reclaim a trophy when removing it from your player-owned house's skill hall.

Soul wars gamble

The "Gamble!" option costs two Zeal points and rewards the player with a random stack of items related to Prayer or Summoning. A full list of possible rewards can be found here.


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