For the real life currency used at RuneFest, see RuneFest 2015#Zemomarks.
Zemomarks detail

The Zemomark is the currency used to buy items in New Varrock. 10 Zemomarks are received upon first entry to New Varrock. Zemomarks are not stored in a money pouch, but are kept in the backpack. Zemomarks, like all items in New Varrock, are kept upon death. More Zemomarks may be earned by:

  • Completing Dimension of Disaster subquests
  • Completing tasks in the New Varrock Tasks
  • Selling items obtained in New Varrock to stores
  • Opening treasure chests around New Varrock and stealing loot (requires a lockpick, obtained during the Shield of Arrav subquest)
  • Attacking or pickpocketing citizens of New Varrock

You cannot use the banks in the city, as the skeleton clerk tells you that they "no longer serve the fleshy folk", nor is there a Grand Exchange. Thus, it is recommended to sell supplies you will not need or are easily replaced.


There are multiple methods to gain more Zemomarks, whether you need them for quest outfits, elemental staves, or the Mystery gift which costs 200,000 Zemomarks and contains a Chromatic partyhat required for the achievement Seven Colours In Their Hat. The player can utilise shop supplies to profit from crafting items. Due to limited supplies, it's recommended to use multiple of the following techniques while you wait for each to replenish:

  • Fastest method: Kill zombies with a Staff of Air using air spells just northwest of Zaff's shop. Place Chain, Dragon Breath, Corruption Blast, and Tsunami at the front of the Revolution bar. Only pick up stackables like ammo and runes, as well as Staves of Water, Earth, and Fire (Staff of Air only sells for 20 Zemomarks).
  • Buy and cut gems from the Urist Loric in New Varrock Square or from treasure chests. Buy gold ore, smelt, and craft at the furnace in west New Varrock into jewellery, which can be sold to the general store. Bracelets will provide the best profit.
  • Buy logs from Urist Loric and fletch into Arrow shaft and sell.
  • Collect and tan hard leather from Tanner in south-west New Varrock or from treasure chests or from cows in eastern New Varrock. You can buy thread from Thessalia by Varrock Square. The Tanner also sells up to 10 hard leather, for only 1 Zemomark each. Hard leather can be crafted into shields that can be sold to the general store for 71 Zemomarks.
  • Buy iron ore from Sani by the western anvils then smelt and smith into iron nails. Sell to the general store.
    • If you make and wear a Ring of Forging, you earn around an extra 3k (or more, if your Smithing level is less than 46) for every 17k you make from this method. (Note: as rings of forging track their charges per player and not per ring, you can save on gems in New Varrock by heading back to the real world when you're almost out of charges and use up a ring there instead.)
    • It's also important to note that a new ring of forging must be started in the normal world before the one possessed in New Varrock will update. For example, if the ring in New Varrock has one charge left, and the player goes to the normal world and uses up one charge there, the ring in New Varrock will still have one charge remaining. Only when a new ring is started in the normal world do the charges of the ring in New Varrock update. It is enough to wear a new ring and check its charges (140) in the normal world to update the ring in New Varrock.
  • Collect free runes from Aubury's rune shop or from treasure chests. Sell to the general store.
  • Collect free bolts and arrows from Lowe's archery shop. Sell to general store.
  • Buy gold ore from Sani then smelt and craft into gold bracelets. Sell to the general store.
  • Pickpocket zombies.
  • Kill undead chickens located in the side-yard of the small building south of the Blue Moon Inn (where the cabbages grow) for their feathers. Sell these feathers to the general store at a rate of one zemomark per feather.
  • If you collect your Zemomarks in several visits to New Varrock, as the first task you can go to Aubury's rune shop and get all the free samples he has, totalling 15 Air, Water, Fire and Earth runes. This runes can then be sold to the General Store for 5 Zemomark each. Note however, that this is only more profitable (inventory-wise) than carrying a Cowhide when there are 14 or 15 runes of each, meaning each inventory slot is carrying 70 or 75 Zemomarks, respectively; this compared to the quantity of Zemomarks that a Cowhide after being tanned into hard leather and converted into a shield bears after being sold to the General Store.
Best Items for Profit
Item Materials Cost Sale price Profit
Arrow shafts (15) Logs 4 zm 45 zm 41 zm
Arrow shafts (20) Oak logs 20 zm 60 zm 40 zm
Arrow shafts (25) Willow logs 40 zm 75 zm 35 zm
Sapphire bracelet Gold ore, Uncut sapphire 150 zm, 25 zm 345 zm 170 zm
Emerald bracelet Gold ore, Uncut emerald 150 zm, 50 zm 457 zm 257 zm
Ruby bracelet Gold ore, Uncut ruby 150 zm, 100 zm 697 zm 447 zm
Diamond bracelet Gold ore, Uncut diamond 150 zm, 200 zm 1147 zm 797 zm
Iron nails (15) Iron ore with Ring of forging 17 zm 135 zm 118 zm[1]
Spider silk robe top 3 Spider silk[2] (50 zm each) 150 zm 600 zm 450 zm
Spider silk robe bottom 2 Spider silk[2] (50 zm each) 100 zm 450 zm 350 zm
Hard leather shield Hard leather 1 zm[3] 71 zm 70 zm
Runes from Aubury shop None Free Sample 5 zm 5 zm (75)[4]
  1. ^ This doesn't take into account failed smelting attempts or the cost of a ring of forging for 140 ores. If the cost of the ring of forging is taken into account, and assuming a gold ore, an uncut ruby, and a cosmic rune are bought (while fire runes are free from the magic shop) the cost is 482 zm per ring, e.g. the profit will be less ~3.443 zm (cost per charge) to ~114zm.
  2. ^ a b This is only easier if you have finished Dimension of Disaster which allows you to purchase the 'Sani and Zaff shop upgrade' for 2 silver pennies from Gypsy Aris' Reward Shop which adds Spider silk to Zaff's inventory. Otherwise spider silk is an uncommon drop from New Varrock guard captain or rare drop from New Varrock guards.
  3. ^ Or tan zombie cowhide for 3zm each. The profit will be 68 zm.
  4. ^ The 75 Zemomark profit is achieved when getting all 15 runes from the free samples that Aubury gives away. Since there are 4 different runes, this could yield a profit total of 300 zm, at the cost of 4 inventory spaces for that trip.


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