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Not to be confused with Zodiac Training.
Zodiac Festival
Release date 12 February 2018 (Update)
End date 25 February (Update unknown) edit
Reward Cosmetic overrides
Head developer Unknown edit
Preceded by Going Like Clockwork
Succeeded by N/A
Zodiac Festival button
Zodiac Festival is a 14 day time-limited event. In this event the players gathers zodiac talismans for Yinteng found north of the Lumbridge Crater.

Zodiac talismans can also be obtained through passive skilling or by completing daily tasks given by the event.

Completing a daily task awards an additional amount of zodiac talismans.

Upon logging in during the event, the following announcement could be seen:

  • Help Yinteng by collecting zodiac talismans and returning them to him north of Lumbridge Crater!

Event noticeboards and the event interface could be used to teleport to Yinteng for the duration of the event.

When you complete a daily task, the following message is displayed in the chatbox.

  • Congratulations! You have completed the <task> for the Zodiac Festival.


A new task will appear in the Events Panel every day and will last 3 days before disappearing.

Day Name Task Members only Zodiac
1 Prepare a feast Cook any 280 items on a cooking fire or range. No 600
2 Penguin spies Find three penguin spies hidden around Gielinor, spies you have already found for Penguin Hide and Seek will count if they are found again. Yes 350
3 Hungry kebbits Find Hungry Kebbits around the world and give them bones. They can be found in Burthorpe, north of Lumbridge Crater and outside Falador's northern gate. No 350
4 Pickpocket Successfully pickpocket a guard 5 times, a farmer 5 times and HAM members 5 times. Yes 600
5 Guthixian Caches Get 100 points from Guthixian Caches. This can be across multiple caches. Yes 900
6 Red Envelope Delivery Deliver a red envelope from Wilough in Varrock to the Wise Old Man. No 350
7 Dragon Hides Gather 8 Green Dragonhides, 8 Blue Dragonhides and 8 Red Dragonhides and bring them to Tenglong north of the Lumbridge Crater. No 900
8 Woodcutting Gather 30 oak logs and 20 willow logs through Woodcutting. No 350
Total 4,400


Rewards can be obtained by handing the talismans to Yinteng.

Level Reward Required Cumulative Total
1 You start at this level. N/A 0
2 Zodiac shield Zodiac shield 1,000 1,000
3 Event mystery box (Zodiac Festival) Event mystery box 1,100 2,100
4 Big event mystery box (Zodiac Festival) Big event mystery box 1,200 3,300
5 Tea Service Resting Tea Service Resting 1,300 4,600
6 Event mystery box (Zodiac Festival) Event mystery box 1,400 6,000
7 Event mystery box (Zodiac Festival) Event mystery box 1,500 7,500
8 Big event mystery box (Zodiac Festival) Big event mystery box 1,600 9,100
9 Event mystery box (Zodiac Festival) Event mystery box 1,700 10,800
10 Foo Foo 1,800 12,600
11+ Alternates between Big event mystery box (Zodiac Festival) Big event mystery box and Event mystery box (Zodiac Festival) Event mystery box 500 Every level up from 11 requires 500



  • To earn all of the available daily challenge talismans, a player needs 40 Thieving and 30 Woodcutting.
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