Zombie farmer chathead

The zombie farmer is an undead agriculturalist who can be found in the Herblore Habitat. He will look after your fruit tree and bush patches if you pay him with vine blossoms, berries and other farming produce.

Unlike other gardeners, the zombie farmer can take care of multiple different types of crops grown in the habitat.

He will watch crops for the following prices:

Plant to look after Charge
Apple tree 9 x Raw sweetcorn
Banana tree 4 x Basket of apples
Curry tree 5 x Basket of bananas
Pineapple plant 10 x Watermelon
Orange tree 3 x Basket of strawberries
Lergberry bushes 3 x red vine blossom
Kalferberry bushes 3 x lergberries
Erzille 3 x green vine blossom
Ugune 3 x blue vine blossom
Argway 4 x red vine blossom
Shengo 5 x lergberries
Samaden 5 x kalferberries


  • Despite being a farmer, it is currently unknown whether the zombie farmer is a member of the Group of Advanced Gardeners.
  • He is unique from other zombies in that if you ask him to protect your crops, he forms coherent sentences. This is incongruous because his reply to the "sell me items" inquiry is a display of a much lesser level of speech understanding.
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