For the outfit from New Varrock, see Zombie outfit (New Varrock).
Zombie outfit equipped

The zombie outfit is a cosmetic outfit consisting of the zombie mask, the zombie shirt, the zombie trousers, the zombie boots, and the zombie gloves.

All 5 pieces of the zombie outfit can be purchased for a total of 5,000 coins from Iffie located at Thessalia's Fine Clothes store in Varrock. They give no stat bonuses. Once a player buys a piece of the zombie outfit, they will also unlock the zombie walk and zombie dance emotes. The set can be stored in a costume box in a player-owned house.

Previously this outfit was received by opening the random event gift from the gravedigger random event and choosing the "Save up for an outfit!" option to obtain a costume point. By talking to Iffie at Thessalia's Fine Clothes, the costume point could be used to obtain a piece of the costume. One would have to earn five points to buy all five parts of the costume, and one could not have more than five points towards a zombie outfit piece at any given time. Upon completion of the random event, you could also choose to receive a zombie emote.

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