力量(Strength),近戰技能之一,決定著玩家的傷害輸出,對最高攻擊(maximum hit)的影響成正比。除此之外,某些裝備需要一定的力量才能使用,某些捷徑也需要力量輔助,或者完成某些任務。力量是一像很熱門的技能,到達等級99的玩家比其他技能還多。


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玩家可以透過完成任務、迷你任務、探索任務、隨機事件等來取得經驗值,玩家也可以使用經驗神燈(experience lamps)取得經驗。

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A secondary use of the Strength skill is determining which weapons a player may wield in combat. Generally, weapons which require a higher level to equip confer greater combat bonuses, providing some incentive for players to train the skill. All of the weapons in the following table are members only.

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Conventional weapons used throughout Gielinor are not allowed in Daemonheim, so a separate set of metals is used during Dungeoneering. The metal types are classified by their "tiers", with tier 1 being the weakest and tier 11 being the strongest. Tiers 1 through 10 weapons may be player made or received as a drop from several monsters, but tier 11 items may only be received as a drop from boss monsters. Of the Dungeoneering weapon types, only mauls require a Strength level. Members-only weapons are indicated by (m).

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Certain pieces of armour require a Strength level to wear. Though uncommon, a few such pieces exist. All of the pieces of armour in the following table are members only.

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Most melee weapons provide a Strength bonus, which, along with a player's Strength level, determines how much damage a player may inflict in melee combat. Weapons which do not give a positive Strength bonus may be referred to as fun weapons. These weapons do not exist necessarily for use in combat; they may exist merely for aesthetic purposes.

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Various items, potions, prayers, and familiars provide temporary boosts. Below is a list of all possible boosts to Strength.

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Visible boosts are indicated in the stats interface by showing a level increase from the base level. Members-only boosts are indicated by (m).

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Invisible boosts are not indicated in the stats interface, but they are applied in combat calculations nevertheless. Members-only boosts are indicated by (m).

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