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Those familiar with the ways of the Moonclan will find this week's quest of most valuable interest. With massive and dangerous (not to mention bizarre) beasts to defeat and new spells to learn, there should be plenty to appeal to you.

Waiting for your help on Lunar Isle is a tormented, weak and dying man. Attacked by the native Suqah, he lies in the rune essence mine on the north-east tip of the island. Would you help a fellow adventurer down on his luck?

Choosing to help, you'll find a tough adventure to revisit the dream lands. Be prepared for real danger this time as you'll be battling the monstrous incarnations of a twisted mind. You'll no doubt meet up with familiar faces and get to grips with a selection of new spells for the Lunar Spellbook! The new spells will let you see your foes' strengths and weaknesses, make your own planks, speak to even more NPCs and much more.

Are you a perfect teacher or a guide to slumbering hallucinations? You can decide when you're a Dream Mentor. Summary

Requirements to begin Dream Mentor

Lunar Diplomacy Eadgar's Ruse

Seal of Passage

Combat Level 85

In other news...

We've re-sorted the quest list to make it a bit easier to find the quests you're looking for. Previously, the quest list was sorted alphabetically, so all the quests with titles beginning with "A", "An" or "The" were being clumped together.

The problem was that people couldn't always remember the exact title of every quest. Is it "The Hand in the Sand" or "A Hand in the Sand"? Or is it just "Hand in the Sand"? From now on, you'll find "The Hand in the Sand" sorted under H, "A Soul's Bane" sorted under S, and so on. This is how they used to be arranged before the interface update earlier this year, and people seemed happy with it at the time.

Mod Ash accidentally deleted some of the level-up messages for Construction a few months ago. We've now finally noticed, so these have been put back. He says he's sorry.

The Runecrafting skill guide has been updated to display the levels at which you receive multiple runes from each essence. Also, players can now see the level requirements for using the various pouches which you get from the Abyss.

The Home Teleport Spell is now available in all spellbooks! You can now return to Lumbridge, Edgeville or Lunar Isle depending on which spell book you have open.

Finally, we've managed to fix a bug with player-owned houses. Players trying to build a garden above their dungeon stairs would sometimes lose building materials.