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Cal-128x128.png 新聞 來自RuneScape官方的新聞
Stickies-128x128.png 翻譯中... 本條目正在從其他語言內容翻譯成正體中文 歡迎您積極參與翻譯與修訂

Over near the Necromancer's Tower, south of Ardougne, a new tower of ambitious design is under construction.

You see, over the ages, alchemists around Ardougne have worked on many bizarre experiments, encouraged by the kings of the region. Now their experimenting has brought them to their ultimate goal... only to be stopped short by a builders' strike. The builders claim the project was not what they first expected and so it seems the tower's future is up to you!

With a mix of illogical magic and logical construction, you can expect to be working those builders' hands to the bone just to understand the tower - let alone get it into working order.

This is a one-of-a-kind quest involving: the culmination of magic and logic, the most fashionable construction outfit you ever did see, learning the all-important rituals of the builder and having somewhere to store sarnies from the sandwich lady...

Then, as if that wasn't enough, you'll earn the opportunity to create strange creatures to battle. Using alchemy and the Tower's marvellous properties, there are a wealth of strange opportunities! Oh, and when we say 'strange', we honestly mean strange - ever wondered what happens if you cross a jubbly with a lobster? Probably not, but like we said, alchemists have worked on some very bizarre experiments! The items dropped from these monsters should prove useful for all those resource-gathering-addicts!

So what are you waiting for? Grab that hammer and saw, and practice your best builder slang because, as the title suggests, this is no standard building, but the legendary Tower of Life!

In other news...

Pets may no longer be taken into Pest Control or Castle Wars.

On non-members' worlds, the Magic spellbook interfaces now ignore members' items, such as blood runes or battlestaves, when deciding which spell icons should be lit up. This should make it easier to see which spells you can cast if you're on a non-members' world.

A level 25 Defence requirement has been added to the new Fremennik shield.

When you fletch a yew shortbow, you used to get ~66 experience for carving the bow and ~68 experience for stringing it. However, for all other shortbows, the carving and stringing give the same amount of experience. We have adjusted the yew shortbow to give ~67 experience for carving and the same amount for stringing it. The total experience you get for making the completed bow has not changed.