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The time is here once again; the evenings are drawing in, the pumpkins have been carved, and RuneScape is once more filled with seasonal spookiness!

Halloween this year brings problems for Diango in his workshop in the form of enough poltergeists to fill a gnomeball stadium. The evil tree that seems to keep eating passers-by in the middle of the room is also cause for some concern.

Rewards to be had for combating this spectral and... err... woody threat include a full Halloween costume and a Jack o'Lantern helmet. It doesn't matter if you are a member or not, as all of the prizes are available to both members and non-members. For those of you who were not here last year, the 'Scared' emote is also back, but try not to get too frightened!

After the event is done, you'll find that Diango's new holiday item recovery system will also make getting your bobble hats back for winter a lot simpler. It will also cover the recovery of almost all of the holiday event items that you would have to otherwise go looking all over the place for.

Speak to Diango by his stall in Draynor to start this year's Halloween event. Don't forget to check the Knowledge Base for more information.

Look out ghosts! Evil trees beware! Runescapians know exactly who they are gonna call!

The Halloween event will be available for 2 weeks only. We'll take it away in the week commencing Monday 13th November. Please make sure you've finished collecting your reward items BEFORE this date.

In other news...

If you've got a Bank PIN, you will now be asked to enter it before removing items from your house's costume room, in much the same way that you enter it before removing items from your RuneScape bank account. If you haven't got a Bank PIN and you'd like to set one, visit your local branch of the Bank of RuneScape and speak to the bankers today! We'd like to remind you all once again that the Bank PIN is NOT a substitute for other forms of account security, and players still need to make sure no-one finds out their passwords. Visit our Knowledge Base to learn about keeping your account secure.

The requirement for equipping Slayer Gloves has been raised from level 17 to level 42 in the Slayer skill. This should make relatively little difference, as you would never have been able to fight a Fever Spider effectively without a Slayer level of 42.

Part of the door of Varrock's western bank had gone missing. It is now being restored.

Players may now keep mourner outfits in their houses' costume rooms!



這次萬聖節的問題來自於Diango在他的工作坊中產生了很多的喧鬧鬼並且塞滿了Gnomeball的競技場。而因為一些原因那顆邪惡的樹似乎還在繼續吃在房間中的旅客。 想要拿獎賞就必須和幽靈戰鬥...嗯...且包含像樹林一樣茂密繁多的萬聖節服飾以及Jack o'燈籠頭飾。不管如何你是不是會員都不重要,所有的獎品都是用於會員以及非會員。