戰鬥等級 1,24
生命值 20, 220
經驗值 8, 88
屠魔經驗值 2, 22
付費玩家? 非付費玩家
主攻? No (except on Ape Atoll and Stronghold of Security)
註釋 *Incey wincey. (level 1)
  • Incey wincey... with a nasty bite. (level 24)
  • It's an extremely small brown spider, probably very poisonous. (Ape Atoll)

Spiders are found all over RuneScape, but most notably in the Stronghold of Security, where they can be found at combat level 24 and in large numbers. Level 24 spiders are aggressive and can hit up to 60 life points. They can also be found on the third level of the Stronghold of Security, like rats they usually do not appear on the minimap. It should be noted that they can drop charms.


  • Melzar's Maze every floor, including in the same room as Melzar and lesser demons
  • Al Kharid Desert (in witch's house)
  • Lumbridge castle basement, and in the broken house behind the castle
  • Stronghold of Security (3rd floor, level 24 and level 50 giant spiders )
  • Ape Atoll temple - level 1 type, aggressive to all players and poisonous. They can poison through prayer, like all poisonous monsters. Like Cave slimes, they need not inflict damage to cause poison. Their poison hits 38 LP initially.
  • Ogre Enclave scurrying under the thundering feet of the Ogre leaders and blue dragons. These spiders are visible on the minimap.
  • The Wilderness - all over the ground.
  • East of Yanille - there are 2 spiders near jungle spiders level 44.
  • Haunted Woods - these spiders look similar to the small level 1 type spiders. They are non-aggressive and non-attackable, but will follow you and summon a level 72 Vampyre.