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If you see this userpage and do not know who I am, chances are I dropped by your wiki to revert vandalism.

About Me

I am an administrator, editor, and moderator on a few wikis. I currently have over 30,000 global edits. I was also a member of the VSTF, so I may be on your wiki to revert vandalism. I can be contacted on my message wall, and can also be found on various IRC channels with the nick Obadiah. You'll most likely find me at #cvn-wikia, #wikia-vstf, ##wikia, and #legomessageboardswiki.

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Where to find me
Wiki User Rights Activity
Community Central Community member Active
LEGO Message Boards Wiki Administrator, Bureaucrat Active
Sherlock Holmes Wiki Editor Inactive
LEGO Fanonpedia Administrator and Bureaucrat Inactive
LEGO Lord of the Rings Wiki Administrator and Bureaucrat Inactive
Brickimedia Small Wiki Administrator Inactive
LEGO CUUSOO Wiki Chat Moderator Inactive

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